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About Scotsman Ice Machines

Shopping for ice makers, ice bins, and related accessories can prove to be an intimidating task. This is especially true of commercial ice products, which are have a higher ice output and will generally run at a higher price point. However, once you’ve become acquainted with the brand Scotsman you needn’t stress out about buying ice machines again. Respected in the ice industry, Scotsman has been pumping out quality ice makers for over 50 years. They produce ice bins, ice makers, and water filters for really any type of commercial business, whether it be food service, hospitality, or industry related. Scotsman makes ice machines that will produce nearly all types of ice imaginable; from flake, dice, nugget, scale, cube, or even supercube, you’re liable to find a machine from this international brand that makes just the type of ice you’re looking for.

The power and output that Scotsman ice makers sport are not the only appealing features about these commercial machines. They’re also remarkably efficient. This in part comes from the environmental bent Scotsman takes with its products. In fact, the Prodigy line they manufacture is specifically meant to use less water and electricity than standard commercial ice machines on the market today. Additionally, the filters in Scotsman machines are easy to change, and overall maintenance and upkeep of the units are especially simple. This should come as no surprise since one of Scotsman principles they like to espouse is ‘designed in simplicity.’ Manuals are provided for all of their ice machines; in fact, customers can even request service bulletins normally reserved for Scotsman engineers. Its options like this that help keep customers happy and informed, and help keep Scotsman a reputable and respected company.

In a commercial environment there are a lot of different reasons ice would need to be on hand. And Scotsman makes an ice machine for just about any of these reasons. Self-contained units are especially popular and beneficial in that they come in a number of heights, weights, and widths. This versatility in available product ensures that no matter the commercial industry you work in, no matter the environment, you’ll be able to find a machine from Scotsman that sports the dimensions necessary for installation. Able to produce and store ice without the need of an additional storage bin, it’s possible to find a self-contained ice machine that produces over 200 lbs of ice in a single day.

Larger, modular units will have to be combined with an ice storage bin, but can have a much higher daily ice output. Mix and match ice units and storage bins to create a combination that will fulfill your needs best. Some Scotsman units can even produce up to over 1,000 lbs of ice in a daily cycle, so no matter how high your demand may be, you’ll have the ice you need on hand.

With over half a century of experience, Scotsman is at the top of the class when it comes to commercial ice production. Able to accommodate schools, corner stores, hospitals, motels, and more, a Scotsman ice machine is a worthwhile investment. In fact, after you’ve tried out any of their ice making or storage products, you’ll understand why they throw around the boast that they ‘reinvented ice.’