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Ice Machines for the Home

Residential ice makers are available in a variety of different types and models, the two most common being freestanding units or undercounter models. Undercounter ice makers are made to be built into existing cabinetry, while freestanding home ice makers can be placed anywhere within reach of an outlet. Undercounter ice makers are frequently referred to as built-in ice makers. A lot of times though a freestanding unit will actually have the capabilities to be built-in to as well, whether it be a kitchen or home bar context. Some can produce up to 60 lbs of ice a day and come in a variety of finishes to match your other appliances and decor. Both types of ice makers have models that produce crescent or cube-shaped ice. In fact, residential ice makers for the home can be found for any ice type you’d like to make. Check out the different types of ice machines for the home today.

Undercounter & Built-In

Undercounter or Built-In ice makers are especially popular for the home kitchen environment. An undercounter ice maker will often be a little bit taller, so that it can fit into an island or counter in a kitchen. Some are perfect for replacing older, less used appliances like trash compactors. A lot of times a trash compactor will have the same general width as a residential ice machine. Popular, slim units are often around 15 inches wide, but can still produce pounds and pounds of ice a day.

Some built-in icemakers will be considerably smaller, oftentimes in height. In this way they have the versatility of being able to be installed or built into a number of different kitchen settings, not just simply under the counter. You can even find built-in ice machines that are ADA-compliant, which means that they are 36 inches or under. Meeting ADA compliance means that the appliance meets the correct height standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These types of ice makers can also be very slim, meaning that they can be installed in nearly any residential kitchen, and at the same time produce and store relatively large amounts of ice daily.

Live the Freestanding Ice Life

If a unit is labeled as freestanding, that doesn’t mean it cannot function as an undercounter appliance as well. Freestanding ice makers will typically sport front ventilation and finished sides, so it can look good standing up in any home setting. Oftentimes these units have reversible doors, allowing them to be able to switch between left hinged and right hinged doors, which gives them extra versatility in regards to installation. A freestanding ice machine will often also come with castors included, allowing them to be moved around easily. In conjunction with the castors, these units may also have leveling legs, which lets them be manipulated height-wise when necessary. All in all, a freestanding ice maker will often carry all the attributes and features an undercounter unit might, but give a little more options in the way of installation and home placement.

Lots of Ice Types

The residential ice machine works hard and can produce a lot of different kind of ice, just like commercial units. Here are some popular ice types you’re liable to find when shopping for a home icemaker.

Clear Ice

Clear ice refers to the when water is frozen in the range of 32 - 27 °F. This essentially super cools the water and gives the ice a transparent look. When an ice maker boasts that it makes “clear ice,” this is normally referring to the fact that the ice is literally clear and free of impurities.

Nugget Ice

Nugget ice is also known by a couple of other names. Sometimes called hospital ice, Sonic ice, or pellet ice, this ice type is useful because it can fill up a glass but still leave plenty of room for a liquid. Also, since it takes up so much space around the liquid, it works very well at keeping a cups’ contents cold and refreshing.

Gourmet Ice

This ice type is sometimes also referred to as top hat ice, since the cubes themselves have tiny lips around the base, giving them the appearance of a little hate. These cubes are generally larger and slower melting, making them popular for cocktails or neat drinks.

Flake Ice

This interestingly shaped ice type is similar to nugget ice in some ways. In addition to being put in beverages, flake ice is popular for acting as the base for foods on display like seafood or soft cheeses. In this way it’s good for large home-catered parties with buffet style serving tables.

Square Cube Ice

Perhaps the most well-known and classic form of ice cube, this ice type can be seen in drinks everywhere. Popular due to ice trays that frequently make them, you can find undercounter and freestanding ice machine units alike that make this ubiquitous form of ice. Sometimes these cubes are smaller and called half-size or cubelet.

For the Outdoor Ice Maker

Often able to be used as an undercounter unit, some home ice makers are made from components that allow them to be operated in an outside environment. A stainless steel and corrosion-resistant exterior are common features for a model that boasts being able to be used outside. Also, this generally means these machines sport features which help them function outside of a home as well. For instance, in addition to a corrosion-resistant exterior, these appliances will have things like a thermal insulated cabinet, which helps them stay energy efficient and keep their cooling performance at its peak, despite being installed outside of a temperature controlled environment like a kitchen or living room.

For nearly any type of commercial ice maker on the market there is a residential version that will do everything it’s commercial cousin does, but on a smaller scale. This includes things like stainless steel construction, included storage bins and scoops, corrosion resistant metal, and factory installed drain pumps. Take a look at the ever expanding number of residential icemakers offers today and find the home ice machine of your dreams.