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The commercial refrigeration market is vastly different than the residential one. This is because commercial refrigeration units are used for a lot of different purposes in comparison to a home unit. The obvious differences are size and cost. A commercial refrigerator or freezer is going to be quite a bit larger than your typical home fridge. Commercial freezers will be the same in this regard. Of course, larger more powerful units will cost more too. But there are various other aspects that differentiate commercial products from residential ones. Dive in below and conduct a little research into what type of commercial refrigeration might best suit your needs.

Commercial Refrigerators

There are a lot of varieties of commercial refrigeration and strives to carry as many different kinds as possible. Check out the various kinds of refrigeration and decide which ones will best compliment your commercial kitchen or bar setting.

Food & Beverage Merchandisers

These refrigeration units are primarily used for retail settings where a business owner wants to display their merchandise and at the same time make it easy accessible to interested customers. These units can be especially versatile, oftentimes able to be installed as a built-in appliance. Frequently though these units are meant to function as freestanding, simply because of how they’re designed for commercial retail settings. You can find merchandisers in a variety of different designs, sizes, and colors. Some are huge, three-door, deluxe merchandisers that offer over 70 feet of cubic storage space. Others are slim, with swing doors and double-paned glass for extra insulation. You can also find them in colors ranging from white, black, or even simple stainless steel.

Reach-In Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial reach-in units combine the storage space of merchandisers but the accessibility of a commercial refrigerator. A major difference between commercial reach-in refrigeration and commercial merchandisers is the primary function. A merchandiser is meant mostly to show off products and merchandise; reach-in fridges are more for food preservation. Still, it is possible to find commercial reach-in refrigeration units that have glass doors, allowing you to view stored products easily. A lot of reach-in refrigerators have self-closing doors and adjustable wire shelves. Some even contain optional castors in case you’re using the refrigeration unit in an environment where you’ll need occasional mobility.

Undercounter Commercial Refrigerators

This type of refrigeration is perfect for environments where space is at a premium and convenience is a must. A kitchen or bar with undercounter refrigeration units will typically have more space for other supplies and appliances. Additionally, these fridges help add a look of class to the modern commercial kitchen. Like taller refrigeration models these units also come with ample storage and stainless steel exteriors. Frequently these units will also come with castors to provide additional mobility options.

Countertop Commercial Refrigerators

Just like undercounter units, a countertop commercial appliance is ideal when you’re looking to save space. These refrigerators and merchandisers are specifically designed to fit on any countertop and sport small footprints. Additionally, countertop commercial refrigerators have clear, glass doors allowing the stored products to be viewed by both customers and the business owners. In this way sorting and accessing the contents of the fridge is extremely easy. Countertop units like this come in a variety of different colors and styles, and they’re still made from the same quality commercial-standard materials.

Food Prep Tables

Food prep tables are some of the most potentially versatile items in commercial refrigeration. Commercially approved and multi-functional, these units can act as storage and work areas simultaneously. Appliances like this come with sturdy shelves in the interior and proper insulation to keep stored goods at the proper temperature. But they also have room on top for food preparation. This includes things like full length cutting boards, prep pans, and the like.

Display Cases

Whatever type of food-industry context you work in, a display case that shows off your goods and keeps them cold at a consistent temperature is always going to be a welcome addition. Commercial display cases come in a couple of different designs. You can find models that have glass sides but an open front, allowing easy consumer access for sandwiches or drinks. Or grab a unit that has rear access doors, allowing employees to easy restock good without coming out from behind the counter.

Milk Coolers

Milk is one of those beverages that needs to stay consistently cool. In this way, a milk cooler needs to be dependable in regards to refrigeration and it needs to be well insulated. On, you can find a number of undercounter or built-in bottle coolers that provide more than adequate cooling for milk, among any number of other beverages. These units are typically composed of stainless steel and are made from NSF-approved components.

Floral Cases

Your typical commercial floral case has a lot in common with a merchandiser. The main difference is that floral cases are meant for storing and displaying still living plants and flowers as opposed to bottles, cans, or refrigerated snacks. A floral case might have a more attractive or eye-catching design; its contents stay fresh for a shorter period of time than that of a normal merchandiser. This being the case, it’s important to get customers’ attention and help facilitate purchase as soon as possible.

Commercial Freezers

Freezers have an important job in any kitchen. The things that need freezing in a kitchen are generally perishable, and the temperature that they’re stored at is important in order to keep it good for as long as possible. Every type of commercial freezer you’ll find on

Reach-In Commercial Freezers

Similar to reach-in refrigerators, reach-in commercial freezers need to have plenty of space, allow their stored goods to be easily accessed, and be able to keep a constant temperature under 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Reach-in models are generally taller and freestanding as well. In this way, they’ll typically store a larger storage capacity. Reach-in freezers will often be able to store items at temperatures as low as -10 °F.

Undercounter Commercial Freezers

Complete your dream commercial kitchen by equipping it with undercounter commercial freezers. By using undercounter refrigeration models, you can help create a kitchen with a flush deign, allowing you to fully maximize your usable space. These freezers are generally front loading with swing style doors similar to reach-in models. There are also top loading commercial freezers you can find as well, if that better suits your kitchen environment. In addition to undercounter freezer units, you can also save space by purchasing a countertop commercial freezer. Units like this are specifically designed for sitting on top of a counter or appliance with a countertop.

Freezer Merchandisers

Whether its frozen foods or just bags of ice itself, commercial merchandisers that have the ability to reach freezing temperatures can prove to be fantastic additions to your business. These kind of freezers are a staple in grocery stores, frequently holding frozen pizzas, ice cream treats, and frozen dinner meals. Or sometimes you’ll see freezer merchandisers at the check-out line displaying large bags of ice. Ice cream freezers or dip cabinets can be especially useful for businesses too. These chest freezer-type units are top loading with a lift-up door type. Units like this will use steel to protect the corners, since they’re generally placed in high traffic areas that are conducive to wear over time.

Bar Refrigeration

It’s easy to understand kitchens and supermarkets having to require commercial refrigerated merchandisers and freezers. A bar environment frequently needs units like this too, only it might require slightly differently shaped appliances. Since the bar can be a busy and crowded place, commercial refrigeration situated there needs to be space-saving and durable. Check out some of the bar refrigeration offered on today.

Bar Back Coolers

These types of refrigeration units are likely the most common type of bar refrigeration. They’re great for a number of canned or bottled beverages, and because of their easy accessibility can be used to store other back bar necessities like fruit and freshly squeezed juices. Generally, bar back coolers are front loading machines with swing-type doors. The doors can be solid or glass paned to allow easy viewing.

Bottle Coolers

These types of coolers have the capacity to cool down a lot of different things, but they’re specifically designed for bottles. You can see this in some of their features, like built-in bottle cap openers with included catchers. Find commercial bottle coolers with either top-load design or front-loading swing doors. There also exist chillers and frosters which are meant for keeping cool empty plates, bottles, and glasses. The type of back-bar cooler that will be most beneficial depends largely on what type of bar or kitchen you’re trying to outfit.

Beer Dispensers

Beer dispensers are obviously necessary for bar or bar-type settings. Cold, draft brew is an essential part of the typical pub experience. There are a number of different types of beer dispensers, each able to hold a varying number of kegs or sporting different attributes and features. Find single keg, direct draw beer dispensers, or find larger dispensers that hold more kegs and have multiple types of tap options. Whatever type of beer dispenser you’re in the market for, you’ll be sure to find a unit that meets your personal business needs.

All Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs in One Place

Whether you’re looking for commercial refrigerated merchandisers, back bar freezer units, or multi-keg beer dispensers, you can find what you desire by shopping IceMakerDirect today. With a large selection, competitive pricing, and a knowledgeable, dedicated call center staff, searching for products in which to outfit your commercial kitchen or business environment has never been more easy, or fun!