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Countertop Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

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Follett Countertop Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

The 15 Series countertop ice machine and water dispenser creates chewblet ice at an efficient rate, while putting out consistently high-standard chewblet ice. The compact and heavy-duty design helps it to seamlessly adapt to any workplace's needs. The unit comes fully assembled and is easily dismantled for cleaning and maintenance purposes. You will only need connections for the water and electricity, as the 15 Series requires zero draining installation. The 15 Series shines in power saving, too, with its low energy mode that puts the unit to sleep when not in use, helping it to conserve more energy. The design also features a quiet work cycle, lighting for the cup area and a very small clearance area of 3.00", for ventilation and service, on the back and sides.

Professional Ice: The 15 Series generates chewblet ice, as opposed to regular cubes. The unit is capable of generating an average of 125 lb. of ice per day, and can store up to 15 lb. at any given time.

Easy Set-Up: Comes full assembled and suitable for any countertop. Low clearance and only electric and water connections means effortless positioning throughout any workplace.

Manageable Size: Suitable for any table or surface. The unit is only 14.62"in width, which helps it to fit in well with other countertop appliances.

Practical Design: Designed to work quietly while creating high quantities of ice. Features blue light indicating the area to collect water and ice.

Less Energy: This unit uses only 6.9 kWh worth of electricity per 100 lb. worth of ice. Sleep mode regulates low energy usage for the unit.

Maintenance is a Breeze: Stainless Steel provides high durability for the unit. The separate components can be easily removed for cleaning and emptying.