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Prodigy Plus 30 Inch Wide Automatic Ice Maker with Auto Alert

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Scotsman Prodigy Plus 30 Inch Wide Automatic Ice Maker with Auto Alert

Scotsman Prodigy 356 Lbs, 30" Modular Icemaker 

The Scotsman Prodigy Plus 356 lb 30 Inch Modular Ice Maker uses significantly less energy and water than other cube ice machines, exceeding pending California and Federal energy efficiency regulations. This sturdy, well-built unit makes up to 350 pounds of quality ice in a 24-hour period. 

Auto-Alert:Indicator lights constantly communicate about operating status and actually signal your staff when it?s time to descale, sanitize, and more—making upkeep practically foolproof

Water Sense:The patented adaptive purge control delivers maximum reliability by reducing scale buildup for a longer time between cleanings

Preventative Simple Maintenance:Maintenance is simpler than ever with easily-removed panels allowing clear access to internal components and a diagnostic code display insuring the right fix the first time

Front Located Air Filter:The reusable air filter is easily removable from the outside

Optimal Appeal:All external panel components are crafted for optimal aesthetic appeal through superior fit and finish