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90 Refrigerated Six Drawer Equipment Stand

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LaRosa 90 Refrigerated Six Drawer Equipment Stand

The heavy-duty Stainless Steel equipment stand from LaRosa will maximize space in any commercial kitchen and dining environment and also reduce user fatigue when operating kitchen equipment. This model of LaRosa equipment stand provides enough room and the perfect amount of height to position kitchen appliances to make them easier to operate without hunching over. This stand also comes fitted with a generous amount of refrigerated storage space in the form of six durable drawers. The entire drawer area is cooled efficiently to ensure that anything placed inside is well-preserved and kept at a manageable low temperature. This unit is a must-have for anyone looking to fit more equipment into their working area and raise productivity.

Vast Amount Of Space:The top surface of this equipment stand measures at 90 wide and 31.57 deep, making it perfect for accommodating large kitchen apparatus. Alternatively, it could also house several smaller pieces of equipment to best serve you kitchens needs

Rock-Solid:This stand is durable, and capable of withstanding heavy weights and keeping itself protected from scratches and dirt, thanks to the predominantly Stainless Steel construction of the stand. The drawers are also long-lasting, with the help of high-impact plastic hinges to prevent malfunction

Add Drawer Space:Fitted with even more storage space in the form of six spacious refrigerated drawers, each with two polycarbonate pans fitted within - great for utensils and preserving food

Cool Insulation:The cool air generated from the refrigeration does not affect any equipment placed on the top surface, because each wall of this unit is tightly packed with polyurethane foam insulation to keep cool air well-secured within the drawers and stand cavity

Added Elevation With 6 Legs:Gives the low-profile design slightly more height to make placing heavier equipment or machinery easier, and also makes operating that equipment from the stand a lot more comfortable - negating the need to hunch over for operation

Forced-Air Evaporator:Keeps cool with a durable, high-powered forced-air evaporator, which turns moisture into cool, evaporated air that assists the condenser in maintaining a cool temperature throughout the inside. Comes with a protective-coated coil for added sturdiness

Expansion Valve:The pressure of the refrigerant is maintained well with the expansion valve installed on the evaporator - making malfunctions a lot less likely

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