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48 Top Mug Froster

$2,434.00 - $2,480.00
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Krowne 48 Top Mug Froster

Krowne ( MC48B ) 48" Slide Top Mug Froster is among the largest of Krownes froster range, giving you increased storage capacity, and making the unit suited to larger bar and restaurant environments. An optional black vinyl finish, extra shelves, and the choice of 4 casters with brakes are features that give the unit the ability to adapt to your needs, giving it a flexibility in its use. A temperature range of -5 to +5 ensure that the settings can be changed to different situations.

Size: This unit is larger than standard units, giving you increased storage capacity, and making it suited to larger organizations

Functionality: Alongside an 8 foot power cord, the unit features a LED display, to allow easy control of the settings of the product

Refrigeration: The unit uses a self-contained refrigeration system, negating the need for plumbing and making the unit moveable

Doors:Due to the larger nature of the unit, the product features 2 doors, giving you easier access to the interior space of the froster

Shelves: Alongside the floor rack, and two shelves included with the smaller units, for the 48" product there is an optional third level available

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