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23 Inch Wide 25 lb. Capacity Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

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Follett 23 Inch Wide 25 lb. Capacity Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

The Follett Freestanding Ice and Water Dispenser (25C1425A-L) is a convenient, hygienic and energy conscious unit that creates sanitary water and ice with the simple pull of a lever. The unit is perfect for creating bulk chewblet ice cubes, which last for a long time, keep drinks ice cold and are comfortable to chew. Plus, this freestanding model means you wont be cluttering up your counter with additional machines. The unit can produce 425 lbs of ice over 24 hours and will continue to serve your business well for many years thank to the strong stainless steel construction of the unit.

Built With Stainless Steel:Strong stainless steel construction that keeps the unit clean from any lingering grime and water-spots, plus helps fortify it against any other type of wear and tear

Perfect For Bulk Production:Capable of creating chewblet ice in bulk, creating 425 lbs of ice within 24 hours. Fitted with a 25 lbs ice storage bin that gives you instant access to high quality chewblet ice

Freestanding Model:This ice and water dispenser comes with a tall base to make operation quick and easy, negating the need to make room on counters

Creates Chewblet Ice:Chewblet ice is the ideal form of ice because of how comfortable it is to chew and how long it lasts in warm drinks. This high quality ice will keep any drink cold for much longer than your standard ice cube

Clean Operation:This unit operates with sophisticated antimicrobial technology that keeps the unit sanitary and ensures that all water and ice dispensed is of pristine quality

Environmentally Responsible:This unit will switch itself off after periods of inactivity. All ice produced is made with R404a refrigerant