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21 Inch Wide 50 lb Capacity Countertop Commercial Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

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Follett 21 Inch Wide 50 lb Capacity Countertop Commercial Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

The Follett Countertop Ice and Water Dispenser allows you to create bulk chewblet ice and access it quick to help keep up with high demand. You bar will never be short of ice with this unit, operating with an impressive air cooled condenser that can quickly create chewblet ice at a rate of 425 lbs a day. The unit is also fitted with a 50 lb storage bin, allowing you to quickly retrieve ice for drinks without any hassle. All ice is created using eco-friendly R404a type refrigerant to keep energy costs down and the ice to the highest standards of quality. This dispenser will also turn itself off after periods of inactivity to preserve energy and prevent overflowing.

Built With Stainless Steel:Reliable stainless steel construction that makes the unit easier to clean and harder to break or damage

Perfect For Bulk Production:Utilizing the compressor and efficient air-cooled condenser, this unit is capable of creating 425 lbs of chewblet ice over a 24 hour period

50 lbs Storage Bin:The bin that comes included with this unit is capable of holding up to 50 lbs worth of chewblet ice at a time, making it easy to access the ice and implement in drinks quickly to meet demand

Creates Chewblet Ice:This unit doesnt just make standard ice cubes for drinks. The chewblet form of ice is highly efficient because of how long it lasts in warm drinks, how well it avoids sticking to other cubes, plus the softer texture thats more comfortable to chew

Clean Operation:As well as utilizing stain deterring steel in its construction, this unit also uses antimicrobial technology to keep the water and the ice clean

Environmentally Responsible:Features an idle switch-off mode that helps preserve energy and keep utility bills down, plus R404a type refrigerant for cleaner, more energy efficient ice production