FollettItem # bci3094970

Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

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    Follett Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

    This attractive 15 Series Freestanding model creates multi-purpose chewblet ice and free-flowing water to a high standard, for use in any professional sector. A robust design means low maintenance, easy cleaning and a high quality end product. This unit also features a 5 micron particle and carbon filter to help maintain clean water flow. The low amount of energy the unit uses, while working as well as in sleep mode, means it costs less to run and benefits the environment contributing no pollution whatsoever to the ozone layer. The design means highly reduced noise, an illuminated service area and zero draining required. The only two connections are for water and electricity.

    Industry-Leading Ice: This unit produces chewblet ice favored among businesses for its porous texture that can withstand heat and absorb flavor from drinks. Can produce an average of 125 lb. per day.

    Hassle-Free Installation: No assembly required, and only needs electricity and water. A drain installation is not needed for this unit, making it even more cost-effective.

    Eye-Catching: The handsome design of the 15 Series combines practicality with sleek appearance - using Stainless Steel, black accent trim and soft blue point-of-use lighting for great functionality and appearance.

    Environmentally Friendly: The low energy sleep mode allows you to keep energy costs down while the machine isn't in use, saving money and helping the environment.

    Easy Maintenance: The sturdy build of the unit means a long lifespan. The drip tray is easily removed for ease of access to help make cleaning, as well as maintenance, simple.

    Works Quietly and Efficiently: The 15 Series works quietly when dispensing and creating chewblet ice, preventing it from being a distraction in the workplace.

    Internal Filter: A small carbon filter in the unit helps to regulate the cleanliness of the water and ice to ensure you make only the best ice nuggets.