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15 Series Countertop Ice Maker and Water Dispenser with Internal Filter

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    Follett 15 Series Countertop Ice Maker and Water Dispenser with Internal Filter

    The 15 Series Countertop Ice Maker and Water Dispenser (15CI100A-IW-CF-ST-00) provides a simple way to produce clean, hard-to-melt chewblet ice on a large scale. The unit was created with appearance, spatial awareness and high performance in mind. Clearance for service and ventilation is only 3.00"on the back and sides. You can take apart the drip tray to make treating and cleaning the machine all the more effortless. The internal filter also provides purified water and ice while minimizing the amount of cleaning required. The 15 Series only requires a source of electrical power and a source of water. The drainless design means no drainage installation is necessary. The sleep mode enables low energy usage when not in use. 15CI100A-IW-CF-ST-00 also features reduced noise when harvesting and producing ice, blue lighting to indicate the point of use, and a durable Stainless Steel casing.

    Chewblet Ice: This unit is capable of producing 125 lb. of chewblet ice per day, and storing 15 lb. at a time for easy access.

    Basic Connection: Fully assembled out of the box requiring 3.00"clearing for both an electrical power source and a water source. No draining required.

    Manageable Size: Ventilation only requires 3.00"clearance. The compact nature helps the unit adapt and fit any countertop for heightened accessibility.

    Modern, Multi-Functional Design : Black trim around a striking silver Stainless Steel-steel exterior gives you a stylish way to produce ice. The whisper quiet harvest cycle and blue lighted dispensing area also provide added practicality.

    Cost-Effective Energy Saving: The unit contributes nothing towards ozone pollution, and expends a conservative 6.9 kWh per 100 lb. of ice produced. This helps to save money, as well as the environment.

    Tough Design: The unit is an investment into long-lasting, consistent quality. Not only does the outer casing look sleek, it also makes the unit as tough as nails.

    Clean, Filtered Water: An internal 5 micron particle and carbon filter removes pollutants from the mains water to safeguard the product and produce the best ice and purified water.