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27 Inch Wide 90 lb. Capacity Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

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Follett 27 Inch Wide 90 lb. Capacity Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

The Follett Freestanding Ice and Water Dispenser (110FB425A-L) is the perfect way to keep your business well stocked with ice, so no matter how busy the bar gets, you can always guarantee ice cold drinks. This unit can create 425 lbs worth of ice over a 24 hour period and store 90 lbs of it in a practical storage bin for quick and easy dispensing. Pull the lever and you can dispense cold water or high quality chewblet ice. Chewblet ice is more practical than standard ice cubes and flakes because they dont stick together, and can last for long periods of time, even in warm drinks. For convenient access to quality chewblet ice, then this freestanding dispenser is a must-have.

Built With Stainless Steel: Complete stainless steel construction - designed to deter stains and grime from developing and help the unit serve your business for years

Perfect For Bulk Production: You get bulk quantities of chewblet ice, with a production rate of 425 lbs over a 24 hour period

90 lbs Storage Bin: The ice is moved to a practical 90 lbs storage bin once it has been created, giving you easy access to it in bulk shortly after production

Creates Chewblet Ice: Creates a kind of ice thats easier to chew, keeps drinks colder for longer and doesnt stick together

Clean Operation: Uses eco-friendly R404a type refrigerant, as well as Agion antimicrobial technology that makes sure that the unit stays clean and produces top quality ice with every use