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AquaPatrol Triple Water Filter System

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    Scotsman AquaPatrol Triple Water Filter System

    Water filtered through the AquaPatrol Triple Water Filter System (ADS-AP3) produces clean, clear ice and extends the life of your commercial ice machine. Filtered water means your ice machine won't require cleaning as often and your ice cubes will taste better. This triple water system filter is designed for large scale ice production.

    Commercial Ice Machines: Filters water for ice cubers that produce up to 1300 lb. of ice

    Water Treatment: Polyphosphate feed inhibits scale build-up in hard water plus the filter treats slime in water from chlorine and untreated well water, as well as airbone slime due to treated city water and yeast from bread, beer, and winemaking

    Professional Rating: This triple water filter system is UL and NSF listed for safety.